Here are a few of the most popular frequently asked questions

How long can I use the free Starter package?

The Starter package is free for as long as you need it. As part of the ‘Starter’ package, we give you access to many of the latest & greatest Collabow feature, you also have an unlimited number of shares. You may notice that we occasionally publish a few ads, this only helps fund the free storage and keep the ‘Starter’ section of the site ticking over. You can always remove the ads, and access more features and storage by upgrading to the ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’ packages.

Where can I find information about the Collabow Products?

You can read summary information about the Collabow products by following this link : www.collabow.io/collabow-product-overview,
and read more information in the ‘Help Centre’. www.collabow.io/help-centre

Where can I find more information about the Collabow features?

Our ‘Starter’ package is free, and the paid packages are free for the first 14 days. We won’t start charging you for the paid package until after your trial period is over so that you can get even more value out of the product. Use the time to explore, play and learn how to use the site. You can also find more information in the ‘Help Centre’ and read the ‘Release Notes’ to see the most recent upgrades to the app.
Help Centre : collabow.io/help-centre
Release Notes : collabow.io/releases

I've noticed an issue with the site, how do I report a bug?

You can use the ‘log-a-feature’ form to let us know about a new feature, bug or issue that you are experiencing in the site. We are always improving the product, so keep a lookout for improvements and bug fixes. You can also contact use here if you prefer support@collabow.io

How do I add new users to my team?

As a ‘Business’ user you can add new team members to your business account on-demand ‘Starter’ and ‘Pro’ users, will need to ‘Upgrade’ their accounts to the ‘Business’ profile before adding team members.

I have a question that hasn't been answered yet, who do I contact?

Forward us your question using the ‘Contact Us’ form, and we will answer it as soon as we can. If it is a popular question, we will add it to this FAQ page so that everyone can benefit from the answer.

Are there any discounts available or discount codes that I can use?

No, we don’t support discount codes, but you can use the ‘Starter’ package, which is free before subscribing to one of the paid subscriptions.

I've signed up, but I haven't received my verification email yet, what do I do?

First check your spam inbox, if it isn’t there, wait for a few minutes then check your inbox and spam boxes again. If it still isn’t there double-check that you entered the right email address when you signed up, and try again.

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