Here are some of the reasons why our team loves Collabow.

Online storage for Starters, and epic features for Pro's and Business users

Starters get free storage, file transfers and shares; Pro and Business subscribers get much more features, storage space and controls

Spend more time planning and less time baffled

Fully organise your data in three simple steps. Options include predefined filters, bespoke sub-filters and tags

Collaborate and chat on documents in real-time

Discuss the entire content of a document online and get quick feedback from your team and customers

Access your information, anytime and anywhere

Affordable, accessible, and simple cloud storage solution for your documents

Effortlessly share your files with one, a few or everyone in your group

You can share your information privately and confidentially, publicly and securely

Make data simple

Remove confusing folder structures by organising and grouping your data using filters for rapid retrieval or searching.

Categorise files in a way that makes sense for you and your team

Spring clean your document repositories, embrace new ways of working and navigate an intuitive digital workspace

Collabow dashboard

Control your information by keeping track of your data and who has access to it

Use admin controls to fine-tune access permissions and security codes to keep your company data safe and secure

Collabow History tab

Move to the cloud, eliminating paper, delays and reducing your carbon footprint

Store, organise, categorise and share your documents

Collabow cloud

Access files quickly, consistently, and easily

Using quick links, direct url’s and favourites

Remain in the loop

Be notified of significant changes, by monitoring important information, and checking your alerts dashboard

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