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Collabow features a suite of useful tools to improve document management and allow you to collaborate, organise and streamline your processes.

Upload, store and share

Collabow is a quick, convenient and easy way to share files, large or small, with colleagues, clients, contractors and suppliers. Send and receive notifications about your documents and set privacy preferences to ensure their security.

Task and process management

Collabow allows you to set task lists directly against your documents, helping you and your team manage processes and collaborate clearly and effectively.

Collaborate in real-time

Collabow provides you with a raft of ways to collaborate, including leaving notes and having chats directly around a specific document. Chat about changes, feedback or next steps and send email notifications allowing you to obtain a quick response.

File management

Collabow allows you to carefully organise and manage your files.From version history to password locks and filtering to smart search, Collabow ensures you can keep all of your documents in order.

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Secure file hosting

We take your privacy seriously

Through our partnerships with industry-leading technology suppliers, we are able to deliver secure, ISO-certified file hosting, to give you peace of mind when it comes to uploading private or sensitive information when using Collabow.

How Collabow can help you

Collabow has been designed to eliminate a raft of document management problems faced by professionals around the world.

With most document hosting/management tools, each document/version has its own unique URL or drive location. Collabow allows users to maintain one URL for the lifetime of the document which eliminates version history hell and people reviewing old versions of documents which can lead to a huge waste of resources. To further ease navigation, files can be easily tagged or arranged into folder filters so that they can be quickly located when collaborators are searching for files.

Many organisations use separate tools for task management and file sharing. They often have to find makeshift ways to keep systems and collaborators up to date; including using spreadsheets to manage lists 
of ‘important links’.
Collabow combines tasks and file management into one solution. In fact, using Collabow you can attach tasks and sub-tasks directly to documents, or can create separate lists of general tasks that can be managed individually or grouped into a project. All tasks can be shared and assigned to one or more people for ultimate visibility.

Some companies have different tools for communicating and sharing files with external and internal parties. Collabow consolidates this into a standalone platform which can become the single source of truth. Using filters and the timeline feature you can quickly determine and control which files belong to which user, which files are shared with which user and whether a file is publicly available on the internet or not.

Never worry about whether or not your intended recipient has the required software to unpack a zip file again. While some tools only allow users to share groups of files as a compressed zip, Collabow allows users to share a group of uncompressed files or even whole folders with a single URL.

Using Collabow you can password-lock files to give an additional layer of security. This is especially useful if you are sharing a document on the internet but only want a small set of users to access the file. Only users with the password can access or download the file.

Collabow keeps a full record of activity so you can quickly see which files you accessed, previewed or changed. This is particularly useful when users are working on large repositories of files or doing research and development because it allows users to follow the breadcrumbs back to a source file.

Collabow alerts you when an important file is uploaded that you follow or requires your attention. You can see a list of your notifications in the Alerts module, such as when you have been mentioned in a chat, assigned a task, when a file has been shared with you or when an update has been made to a document that you follow.

Some platforms delete files shortly after they are shared. Unfortunately, if the files haven’t been downloaded, the data could be lost forever. Collabow Pro and Business accounts don’t do this and even have a recycle bin so you can restore important documents if you accidentally delete them.

How teams are using Collabow

Collabow is used by teams around the world to help manage files, improve communication and streamline processes.

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Hotel property issues process

The property management team for a large hotel chain uses a property info pack to help hotel managers troubleshoot problems.

Property management team upload pack to Collabow
Issue occurs, hotel manager consults the pack
If no solution is found, hotel manager creates a task
Properties team provide/signpost solution
Properties team update pack for future occurrences
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Parts required identification process

A machinery manufacturer uses photos to identify the correct spare parts needed to resolve warranty claims and manage client communications.

Customer uploads photo of broken machinery to Collabow
Manufacturer and customer discuss solution in chat
Manufacturer assigns tasks for sourcing part
Manufacturer assigns tasks for delivering part
Case remains open so the customer can request further support
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New joiner and leaver process

A HR team creates new joiner packs containing important information, company policies, role responsibilities and access to training materials.

HR pack securely shared with the employee using Collabow
Employee communicates directly with HR
HR assigns onboarding tasks with deadlines
Employee is alerted to new tasks via email
Employee is alerted to upcoming deadlines via email
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Refund application process

A professional services firm dealing with money claims needed a tool to manage customer refunds, with all changes logged for audit purposes.

Refund application form uploaded to Collabow
Task created for each reviewing department
Task marked as complete once review complete
Document shared with the client
Client notified via email of the refund

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