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Experience an innovative way to share your information, solve problems, organise your data and generate knowledge by collaborating with your team, all in one user-friendly platform.

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The right tool for the right job.

Use Collabow to manage your ideas, information, file transfers, knowledge, version history, digital asset management and collaboration needs.

Keep it Simple

The process of identifying, searching and sharing data across different groups doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Sign up and learn new ways to be productive with your team.

Time is precious

Ensure that workers know what information is imperative to your operation and avoid wasting time administering redundant documents or processes.

Connected, Consistent and transparent

Utilise a fitting software tool to help remote teams stay organised, connected and aligned.

Package Options

Pick from one of the three packages.

Collabow for ‘Me’ for free

Start with a quick and simple profile

A Starter profile allows you to make free transfers, store files online and explore Collabow. Use this package to create, collaborate and share information, ideas and plans with your friends, family, groups, contractors and the world. You can easily store, tag, transfer, search, track and chat on files in real-time whilst remaining aligned with your contacts.

You can upgrade your package at any time to access more advance features or once you’re ready to use Collabow within your organisation. In the meantime, explore, learn and collaborate for free.

Absolute ‘Pro’

Great for individuals & remote teams

Access advance features, greater storage and big transfers for use by solo workers, entrepreneurs, individuals, remote workers, consultants, and contractors.

Pro’s can efficiently organise their files, check their dashboard (for important notifications), view timelines to track changes to their content and use the Advance share functionality.
This package can help remote workers to consolidate content that is stored across different platform and filing cabinets into Collabow for easy and convenient online access.

Collabow for my Company

Create a profile for my business

A company profile allows you to share large documents with people both inside and outside of your company, including customers, teammates, partners, contractors, suppliers and vendors. Collabow can support operational changes, new ways of working, best practices, and compliance initiatives – helping to increase collaboration while reducing spend on redundant IT systems.

Retooling with Collabow can help establish new remote working practices, improve productivity and  keep your business connected with key stakeholders.

Why choose Collabow

Simple transfers, easy file sharing and collaboration in one innovative platform.

Free online storage and transfers for Starters, plus epic features for both Pro’s and Business users

Starters get free storage for their files; Pro or Business subscribers get much more features, storage space, transfers and controls.

Access your information, anytime and anywhere

Useful, convenient and simple cloud storage solution for your documents. Share documents with individuals, teams or the world wide web.

Data simplicity at
its finest

Remove confusing folder structures by organising and tagging your data for quick filtered retrieval whenever you need it.

Collaborate and chat on documents in real-time

Discuss the entire content of a document online and get quick feedback from your teammates and clients to create solutions quicker.

Trusted by big and small companies, up and down the UK.

A few more things..

Collabow was built on the needs of successful businesses

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Collabow provides users with the
ability to tag and group data into
simple data buckets for fast retrieval later.

Continuous Improvement

Our iterative development approach has led to the
refinement of  new capabilities such as history
timeline views, business personalisation settings,
and visibility of various meta data points for analysis.

On hot standby

Access files rapidly, conveniently and easily using
quick links, favorite links, private links, public url’s,
quick share and advance share functionality.

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Online file storage, file shares, secure transfers and collaboration

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