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Collabow for property management companies

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  • Simplified communication
  • Project transparency
  • Task management tools
Collabow task dashboard for property management

Who can use Collabow’s solution?

Our advanced capabilities help to optimise workplace performance across all industries.
They simplify business processes and reduce administration cost which provide benefits for professionals in many roles.

Top benefits of adopting a digital model


Improved operational efficiency


Reduced costs


Positive impact on growth and innovation

Property Management firms

Support property teams maintain accurate files and efficiently organise

sales team digital workspace

Streamlined communication

Empower your team to achieve effortless collaboration and help get the deal done

accountant file back up

Document Management

Simplify document sharing amongst your team, landlords and tenants.

Cloud storage

Elevate your property management processes with secure cloud storage solutions that facilitate seamless data retrieval.

Share sensitive documents confidently

Store, share, and collaborate on sensitive files such as tenancy agreement and inventories in a secure centralised location

accounting team

Manage property documentation efficiently

Ensure compliance and accuracy in your property management processes with our secure document sharing platform.

Efficient task tracking

Fuel your property management business growth with our cutting-edge management tools. Easily track task progress, fostering transparency and collaboration among your team members.

accounting team

Connect your teams for better planning, communication and overall performance

How teams are benefiting from Collabow

Centralized Communication

Challenge: Disorganised Communication:

Solution: A centralised platform for communication, allowing property managers, tenants, maintenance staff, and property owners to collaborate, communicate, and share information in real-time.

Construction team

Digital Documentation

Challenge: Paper-Based Processes

Solution: Digitising lease agreements, maintenance records, and financial documents reduces paperwork, and ensures easy access to information from anywhere, at any time

Collabow File sharing for construction team

Remote Access

Challenge: Limited Access to Information

Solution: Communication tools, such as group chat, notes and comments provide a centralised space for sharing company updates, policies and fostering a sense of community.

cloud and virtual storage

Task Management Tools

Challenge: Inefficient Task Management

Solution: Task management tools, such as task boards and notifications, enable property managers to track and prioritise tasks, delegate assignments, and ensure timely completion of projects

digital workspace for backoffice team

Streamline communication, improve access to information, enhance task management, and strengthen security measures

Collabow Task Template

Introduce templated processes to improve consistency and quality

Move quickly, solve problems, remove blockers, drive efficiency and introduce consistency in everything you do. Onboarding new team members has never been easier with templated tasks that allow new team members to perform a set of task consistently and without missing a beat.



  • Task template
  • Recurring tasks
  • Priority categories
  • Email notifications and reminders

What makes Collabow unique?

Full Cloud Solution

Frequent Customer Requested Software Updates

Fully Integrated Solutions Designed from the Ground Up

Bespoke Customer and Business Support

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Rapid Implementations

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