Productivity Use cases

Here are a few use cases that demonstrate productive ways of working for business teams

Backoffice Operation

Collabow helps workers in backoffice operations to solve problems quicker by seamlessly sharing documents with members in their team, and engaging in focused content-based conversations in the action panel. Team members can check their alerts dashboard for updates and can chat in real-time, while on the move.

Creative Collaboration

We understand that workers in the creative industry often find it difficult to share large files between artists quickly, consistently and efficiently. Collabow allows workers to rapidly upload then send files directly to either Collabow accounts, email accounts or publish files to your favorite apps using a ‘URL’ share.


Collabow allows sales teams to effortlessly share information with their customers to help deals close quicker and smoother. Use the quick-share feature to share links to documents, pricing information and specifications swiftly rather than printing and posting. The team can be responsive to customer feedback by making responsive adjustments to get deals over the line and deliver success. Customer can review documents on their devices remotely because links are obfuscated and encrypted before being sent.


Wherever your marketing operations, agency partners and suppliers are based, you can brief, amend, approve and deploy campaigns. Collabow can help to drive campaigns to market quicker, helping to control spend and manage suppliers. Assets can be uploaded, tagged, organised and categorised and approved – at pace, online, and anytime.

Property and Maintenance

Collabow helps to simplify business processes and reduce costs at every phase of the operational lifecycle. Collabow helps service providers create operating efficiency, increase value, and enable innovation through process consistency, information transparency, and leveraging the available data points. The tool is designed to work from home, allowing businesses to run their operations from either the office or home.


Consolidate numerous clunky processes into a much slicker tool and significantly reduce maintenance backlog within a short period. Collabow is user-friendly, so training should be a breeze. The sooner you consolidate your digital content into the cloud is the quicker you can start to realise the benefits and experience new ways of working. Move away from hard drives, paper and network drives for permanently.

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