Getting Started Guide

Here are 10 steps to help you get started with Collabow

1. Pick a package

Novice users can get immediate access, explore and gain hands-on experience by utilising a suite of useful features using the ‘Starter’ profile. The ‘Pro’ package is excellent for solo workers, frequent users and small teams who need more storage, features and greater control. The ‘Business’ package is great for companies, SME’s and larger teams.
You can pick a package by clicking <here>, or continue reading below for more instructions.

2. Sign Up

By entering your email address, a password (make it secure by using eight digits, and a mix of upper, lower case and symbols), read the ‘Terms & Conditions’, tick the box if you’d like to receive marketing material, then prove that you are not a naughty robot by clicking the link and following the instructions

3. Verify your identity

Sit back, wait a few seconds then check your email account (‘Inbox’ / ‘Spam’) for an email from us, then click the ‘Verify Your Email’ link, so that we can keep your identity safe and active your account.

4. Enter your profile information

Enter your full name, then upload your profile picture so that your contacts know who you are.

5. Quick Upload

Now for the fun part. You can immediately upload a file by dragging it into the upload window or clicking the upload link, then selecting the file.
Click the ‘Save’ button, and you are done. At this stage, you can decide to transfer and share the file quickly or add some useful information, we recommend that you move to the ‘Organise’ step.

6. Filters

Time to get organised. Apply some content to your files by grouping similar files, adding folder and sub folder filters. Don’t worry about the ‘Advance Options’ because we can cover them later. Just click the ‘Save’ button.

7. Share the file with a work colleague

There are a few different ways to share a file;
(1) Share via email, (2) share via username, (3) share using a URL link, or (4) publish the file to the internet for everyone to see. In this example, we are going to use the ‘Quick Share’ feature. The ‘Quick Share’ button is accessible in the right-side action panel, or by right-clicking on a file in the dashboard.

8. Chat

Time to start a conversation. Discuss the contents of a file with a customer, college, specialist or friend. From document approvals, purchase orders, events, or project planning. Use the chat feature to have a focused multi-channel conversation with one or more people to be productive and get work done.

9. Organise

Time to get organised. We recommend that you manage your files by adding tags, descriptions and grouping in filters as soon as the files are uploaded, but it is just as easy to do it at any step after uploading the file. Organising your files will make them easier to search, find, share and analyse at a later date. Prepare your file by clicking the ‘Change File Properties’ button to get started.

10. Search, Find and Filter

Searching for a file couldn’t be easier; you have many straightforward options, including.

  • Starting with everyone’s favourite, the search bar
  • Checking the list of your recently viewed files
  • Searching in the search box, for file names, folder groups and tags
  • Checking the timeline filter for files created or modified date
  • Checking your list of favorite files
  • Check your alerts dashboard for items that have been shared with you

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