Secure Sharing

Here at Collabow we take your security and privacy seriously.

We recommend our ‘Pro’ and ‘Business’ packages for complete privacy and control as there are no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking.

We are open about our privacy procedures, and you are aware that our ‘Starter’ package may have ads, but only to help fund the service. Unlike many other companies, we do not profit from selling your personal information, and you control who has access to your files.

We always create an encrypted connection and establish trust by using SSL.

Some of the features that are available in the app to keep your data safe and secure are:

1. Permission management – control what access people have on your files from ‘Read Only’ to ‘Super User’ access

2. Secure sharing within the platform, preventing snooping from unauthorised people and apps

3. Quick view and a ‘Shared User List’ on every file using the ‘Advance Share’ functionality, allowing you to quickly restrict or remove access

4. Add Password lock to any file, adding an extra layer of protection prevent people from access your important document especially if you share them on the internet.

5. Icon identification and filters on non-private file allow you to quickly see what files have been shared with teammates or shared for wider audiences.

6. We continue to introduce a host of new features that allow you to find the right balance of security, privacy and transparency.

Trusted by big and small companies, up and down the UK.