Team work makes
dream work

Collabow is a tool for secure cloud storage, remote working, file transfers, sharing ideas and problem solving.

Centralise your files, get everyone on the same page, work together and discuss the most important content in a single online workspace. Teams need effective tools to grow, solve problems, collaborate and achieve their goals.
Here are some useful product features.

An Innovative way to securely upload, organise, transfer, share and chat

Quickly search for your files using filters, timeviews and tags

Easily send files to anyone, at any time

User-friendly website, with a modern and adaptable user-interface

Engineered from the ground up to focus on collaboration, productivity and convenience

A free package is useful for entrepreneurs, students and remote users

Affordable and flexible online file storage

Digital asset management with rapid file transfers

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Features are listed in the main functional groups : (1) File Upload, (2)  Share & Transfer, (3) Collaboration, (4) File Management, (5) Notification & Alerts, (6) Task Management & To-Do List, (7) Productivity Features, (8) Create, (9) Application Management and (10) Customisation.

Introduce a collaborative workspace where everything is available to everyone in real-time. Store, share, organise and chat with anyone, anywhere, at any time and get work done. Collabow enables effortless online file management, information sharing and discussions so you can work even closer with your team, clients, vendors and partners.

Store everything, then follow, like and tag your favourite documents for easy access later.

As a user of Collabow, you’ll experience the feeling that your data is working with you, rather than against you and information will be readily available when you need it. You’ll never misplace a file again because you can filter, search and use the file history timeline to locate information in the most efficient way possible.
Meaningful conversations are held alongside the files, rather than being lost in group chats and video calls, helping to be agile and get work done.

The more you use the application, the more it will familiarise itself with your personal preferences and behaviours. We use the power of SmartData to help you become even more productive.