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2024 Best Free 5 File Sharing Sites to Upload, Store and Transfer Files

Are you looking for free file sharing sites? Here is our list of the top five

The number of files that are shared across the internet has exploded. People are sharing and collaborating on more content than ever before. This figure is driven higher by the large number of people that continue to work from home, operate in modern remote workspaces, community communication, increased awareness of carbon footprints, and friends or families who enjoy sharing memories.
The combination of the internet, people embracing new ways of working and innovation has resulted in technology companies developing new tools that allow anyone to share files quickly and seamlessly over the internet.

Here we look at the best free file sharing sites. To help with your journey, we’ve highlighted their best features and showed how they compare against one another.

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Box

Collabow is a new file storage service based in the UK and is the most ground-breaking company in the group.
The workspace has an intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward design that makes it easy for users to get on board, collaborate and be productive. Managing, sharing, transferring and storing files is streamlined using the file management platform. It comes packed with productivity features, including to-do lists, task management, chat, and timelines.

Collabow has a starter profile with 100MB of reusable storage, and you can transfer files that are up to 2GB in size. This should be sufficient to get started, and you can easily upgrade to a professional or business plan for more storage options and enterprise features.

The platform has hundreds of useful features, and the product team continue to innovate and regularly introduce new enhancements as requested by the user community. The platform has a nifty filesharing web app called C-Share that can be used for rapid one-off file sharing. An added benefit is that you don’t need a Collabow account to receive files or use C-Share. Win-Win.

Google Drive

We will start with the most comprehensive file sharing service on the internet. Google Drive is powered by Google’s cloud storage and allows anyone to store documents, files, audio, video and everything else in between. Google Drive comes equipped with a suite of cloud-native applications at your disposal if you need them.
You can access your files via their website or mobile apps to access content from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Google offers tons of free space, and you can always upgrade your storage if you need more.
In our experience, users will typically use Google to share a folder that contains multiple files and then use a more specialist tool such as weTransfer to share individual files.


Dropbox was founded in 2007 and are headquartered in San Francisco. Since they launched as a start-up, they have delivered various cloud storage and synchronisation solutions.

They have grown to be a giant in the file-sharing space and offers desktop clients and mobile apps to keep files accessible. Dropbox has grown because they have managed to keep hold of their early adopters with intuitive functionality that allows users to store, share and collaborate with teams and clients.

The Basic plan can be used for casual users and provides 2 GB of space for free. The Work, Plus, and Family plans have more room for storing photos and video and good integration options.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is, without a doubt, one of the largest software companies on the planet. They continue to reinvent themselves and produce enterprise-ready products that integrate well with existing solutions. To ensure they keep up with the competition, Microsoft created OneDrive, which is their safe and secure cloud storage service and answer to Google Drive.

As with most Microsoft products, you can access your files on any device and anywhere. Microsoft provides secure ways to share and collaborate on content with co-workers, colleagues, and business to business. They have a good platform. However, we find that the solution is not suitable for everyone because of the size of the ecosystem. On the plus side, their collaboration features are awe-inspiring, and if you are a Microsoft fan, you will experience good productivity by using their entire suite of tools.


Box has a solution that empowers teams by making it easier to work with people inside and outside organisations while protecting content and connecting business applications. This solution is geared towards the professional and business user and is often compared with Dropbox and One Drive for business. In our experience, the difference between the solutions is that Box is designed for the IT sector, Dropbox caters for creatives, and OneDrive is suitable for businesses that are tapped into the eco-system.
The security and privacy features of Box are fully functional. Box is used by some of the largest organisations that utilise workflow functionality and integrations. Box allows seamless transfer of data from your PC to the Box cloud. You can invite teammates to collaborate, join in on any conversation, or edit files together for better results and understanding.
The Business plan starts at £16 per user per month, and Enterprise plans cost £37.50. This is the top end pricing for cloud storage solutions so businesses willing to pay this amount would be expected to get the maximum benefits from the tools within the platform such as content management and data protection. is a Digital Workspace that provides cloud storage, document management, collaboration and task management tools that help teams create, organise, share, and monitor online content in one place. 
A highly engaged team is the holy grail of business success, so ensure your teams have the information to achieve their goals by using

We like free stuff, so we’ve provided a ‘Starter’ profile that will get you started. The ‘Starter’ profile is free, so you can use it for business, play or personal usage. You can learn more about our packages at more about the available features here.

We like free stuff, so we’ve provided a ‘Starter’ profile that will get you started. The ‘Starter’ profile is free, so you can use it to play or until you run out of storage. Read more about the workspace features here:

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