Collabow has been designed from the ground up to help businesses share information, discuss solutions, share ideas, grow and solve problems. Using Collabow as a digital workspace will help to maximise time spent focused on work that is meaningful and that matters. We want to help you get organised, be efficient, stay focused and collaborate effortlessly with everyone across your business.

Customer Support

Keep your customers informed and happy by building relationships, getting answers, opinions and solving their problems collaboratively. Knowledge workers can contribute to answers whether they are within the office or remote.


Exceed expectations and drive new deals by coordinating with key stakeholders 24*7. Like, tag, subscribe and share in confidence. Discuss blockers and create valuable solutions that drive growth.


Develop better code, makes changes quicker and receive alerts when critical changes occur. Enable more efficient integrations both within your company and with external entities.


Resolve urgent issues and problems quickly and efficiently, keeping your users up-to-date and informed. Share images and videos securely and discuss content in real-time to close tickets faster.

Human Resources

Get closer to your team, recruit with confidence and simplify your onboarding activities. Ensure that everyone in your organisation is informed, up-to-date, and on the same page. Idenitfy non-compliance, and quickly notify your entire organisation of important updates.

Collabow can also help..

Coordinators, Marketeers, Administrators, Analysts, Helpdesk Operators,
Consultants, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Directors, Trainers.. and much more.

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