Your Profile And Settings

Adjust your profile and account settings to make Collabow work for you

'Starter' Package Setting :

  • * Name: Ensure that your contacts know exactly who you are by updating your contact information.
  • * Email: For security purposes, your email address can’t be updated at this stage. If you want to use a new email address, you’ll need to create a new account.
  • * Marketing preferences: This setting will soon be available on the ‘My Profile’ page. In the meantime, you can contact us if you want to change your preferences.
  • * Password: Passwords should be changed regularly and have contain at least one number,one special characters,one lowercase and one uppercase. We encourage our users to rotate their passwords often to keep their accounts secure across online platforms.

'Pro' Package Settings :

  • * Account type: This shows your active package. The paid ‘Pro’ and ‘Business’ packages have access to the most features and functionality.
  • * Storage used: Monitor your storage, see how much you’ve used and how much you have remaining. If you are running short, you can increase your storage so that you’ve got more than enough to service your needs.
  • * Billing information : Paid packages are billed either monthly or annually. Annual packages offer the best value, and the monthly packages provide the most flexibility. The next billing date lets you know when to expect the following charge on your payment card. We recommend that you check that your payment card is up-to-date to avoid any unnecessary service outages

'Business' Package Settings :

  • * Business name : This should be the same as your company name (or enterprise) so that your team, customers, contractors, consultants and partners can easily collaborate with you.
  • * Role : Let Collabow and your contacts know your job role. You can pick from a predefined list or create your items. If you aren’t sure of your position, talk to your manager or check your company organisation chart.
  • * Team : Let your contacts know the name of your team. This information helps Collabow generate the right connections and associations with your team members. Sharing the right content, conversations and notifications with your team ensures everyone is kept in the loop on important updates.
  • * Department : Let your contacts know the name of your department. If your company doesn’t have workstreams and departments, then leave this field blank.
  • * About Yourself : Let your contacts know more about yourself using this field. Enter as much information as you want so that people know more about you, your team and your objectives. We are aware that some users include information about their operational process, goals and availability.
  • * Other Stuff : We like to keep you in the loop on our upcoming features, so we are pleased to announce that forthcoming releases include lots of ‘cool stuff’ and enhancements to improve security. We priorite features that are requested by our user base, so use the ‘log-a-feature’ contact form to let us know what you want to be developed.

How do I add new users to my team?

As a ‘Business’ user you can add new team members to your business account on-demand ‘Starter’ and ‘Pro’ users, will need to ‘Upgrade’ their accounts to the ‘Business’ profile before adding team members.

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