About Us

Here at Collabow, we are passionate about data; we like to monitor the flow, eyeball statistics, identify improvements and analyse storage patterns. We’ve embraced the current explosion of data in the cloud and are working hard to help people simplify, monitor and organise their information. We know that it is too easy to over-complicate everything and anything, so we are committed to keeping data simple, and we love to solve problems by discussing our content with the team in one smart online space. All-day, every day.

A key feature of Collabow is that important conversations are held alongside the actual files that are being discussed, rather than being lost in group chats or video calls. This helps to be agile and get work done. We encourage users to complement their data by adding natural language keyword ‘tags’, so they can be easily found by the entire team.

We adore and embrace change.

Trusted by big and small companies, up and down the UK.
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