Top 5 Free File-Sharing Sites in 2024

Best Free File Sharing Sites 2024

  1. Collabow
  2. Google Drive
  3. Dropbox
  4. iCloud
  5. Box
  6. Android Web
  7. WeTransfer
  8. MediaFire

Key Variables To Consider When Selecting a File Site or Program

When deciding which is the best file-sharing solution to solve your business needs. The following considerations will play an essential role in the decision

1. Speed

The speed of file sharing is essential when collaborating online or sharing files remotely. Thankfully, with clickable links, you can instantly share a file. However, speed still matters because how fast you send a file depends on how fast it is uploaded to the cloud storage.

2. Security and Privacy

The security that your data is encrypted and the privacy that no unauthorized user can access your data are also very important. Therefore, when a user selects a tool for file sharing or uses it as cloud storage, security and privacy also matter.

3. File Size and Bandwidth limit

The file size limit shows the maximum size of files that can be shared in one day or once. The bandwidth limit expresses the usage by each user to download the stored data. The higher the file size and bandwidth limit, the better.

4. Cloud Storage Size

Cloud storage size is a general factor that matters when choosing a file-sharing website to collaborate with others or share different file formats remotely.

5. Price

Of course, if a tool is affordable and fits your budget, it will only be worth considering. Therefore, pricing is also an important consideration when choosing a tool.


Collabow is a new file storage service based in the UK and is the most ground-breaking company in the group. The workspace has an intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward design that makes it easy for users to get on board, collaborate and be productive. Managing, sharing, transferring and storing files is streamlined using the file management platform. It comes packed with productivity features, including to-do lists, task management, chat, and timelines.

Pros Cons
Quick and easy file sharing -Mobile app currently unavailable
Access files anywhere with cloud storage Lesser known platform
Compatible with all OS Starter profile doesn’t have all features available in the Pro package
Free storage Better User Interface on laptops and Tablets
Convenient and Easy to use interface  
Frequently added features  
Growing in popularity  
Excellent Customer Service  


Collabow has free and paid versions

Starter (Free)

Pro £5.50/month

Business £8.50/month

Supported OS

Online file sharing site supports Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS

Editor’s Review – Recommended

Collabow is the best free method to transfer files across different devices in a seamless way. It is a web-based tool that is efficient, quick, and intuitive. Whether you want the best free file-sharing website or want to collaborate with team members, Collabow’s web platform is an all-in-one tool. You can share files without the hassle of uploading files from your phone to the web client or downloading your files from the web to your phone. . Collabow is compatible with Mac and Windows and even offers a free plan to users.


Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage developed by Google that users can capitalize on to store their data, share large files as a clickable link, and ensure that data is secure. Different space subscriptions offer you data storage according to your needs.

Pros Cons
Easy file sharing with an online file-sharing site No password protection makes it a vulnerable file-sharing tool
Access files anywhere with cloud storage Limit the file size you can upload in a day
Compatible with all OS Internet connection is necessary for real-time sharing
Free storage up to 15 GB  
Convenient and Easy to use interface  


Google Drive has free and paid versions.


Business £8.28/month

Supported OS

Online file sharing site supports Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS

Editor’s Review

Google Drive is a popular free storage that most Android and Windows users capitalize on. File sharing is easy with Google Drive, no matter what size. It is the best personal use file sharing site that can be additionally used to collaborate with your work teams in real-time


DropBox is the next file-sharing website and program that is worth talking about. The tool has improved a lot over time, and currently, you can sync your data across all devices, from smartphones to laptops.

The main features of DropBox are as follows:

  • Upload and easily share your photos, documents, and other files
  • Cloud storage
  • Arrange files in folders for easy access
  • Collaborate with your teams with real-time synchronization
  • File size up to 50 GB
  • Synchronize data across all devices
Pros Cons
Easy file sharing in a secure way Freemium model offers only 2 GB storage
Direct sharing with a clickable link Pricing plans are expensive
Automatic backup and data synchronization across all devices Advanced features like password protection & download tracking are not available
Free plans for limited use  


Here are the pricing plans for Dropbox

Individual (Plus): £7.99/month

Growing teams (Standard): £12/month

Supported OS

Available for all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Editor’s Review

It is an easy-to-use software with a very intuitive user interface that provides you with better security features and control over file storage and sharing.


iCloud is also an online service based on cloud storage that lets you store files in the way you want. You can upload and share different file formats like photos, documents, music, contacts, books, and much more. Cloud storage automatically creates data backups to avoid any data loss.

The main features of iCloud Drive are as follow:

  • Store and share multiple file formats
  • Apple’s email servers and calendars can also be integrated with iCloud
  • Apple’s inherent tool is also available for other operating systems
  • Password protection to increase the security of your data saved
Intuitive user interface An Internet connection is necessary
Advanced security features Subscription plans can be expensive
Seamless integration across Apple’s ecosystem Works well in Apple interface and devices
Create a backup of any file you want  


50 GB: £0.79/month
200 GB: £2.49/month
2 TB: £6.99/month

Supported OS

iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Editor’s Review

iCloud storage is the best option you can capitalize on for file sharing across Apple devices or other operating systems. No matter what file size you want to share or create a backup, Apple’s iCloud is one of the most secure tools you will come across.


Box is also popular cloud storage that can be capitalized on for file storage, management, and sharing with multiple users for personal or professional use. You can collaborate with different users in real-time regardless of the operating system. Besides, the intuitive user interface is also one reason you should choose Box.

The main features of Box are as follows:

  • File sharing, storage, and backup
  • Advanced security features and controls with intelligent threat detection
  • Seamless integration with over 1400 apps, including popular ones like Slack, GSuite, etc.
  • Share files or collaborate with other users without worrying about confidentiality
Pros Cons
Advanced security for sharing sensitive data Desktop sync can be slower than expected
Upload limit higher than other cloud storage The user interface needs improvement regarding ease of use and speed
Easy to retrieve your lost data Plans are expensive
Supports multiple languages and all regions of the world  

Android Web

The main features of AirDroid web are as follows:

  • Transfer files from one device to another remotely
  • Control other devices remotely with AirDroid Personal Web
  • Screen sharing or mirroring to view your Android screen on a laptop
  • Find Phone feature to locate a lost device
  • Remove data or create backup files remotely
Pros Cons
Intuitive interface for easy navigation File size limit of up to 200 MB
Wireless file transfer across devices Internet speed can affect a file transfer
Advanced security features  
Additional features like screen mirror, remote control, etc.  

Editor Review

AirDroid web is a free tool with multiple capabilities. If you want a solution for more than just file transferring, you must try AirDroid web. Besides, it is the best solution for managing and controlling your device.


WeTransfer is also a file-sharing website and cloud storage that lets you share files easily across different devices and users around the world. Cloud storage offers many interesting features, including deleting or resending transfers, password-protected transfers, etc. You can directly share files or clickable links with anyone with WeTransfer.

The main features of WeTransfer are as follows:

  • You can choose how long to make the transfer available in storage
  • Password-protected transfers make it best for confidentiality
  • Track download feature lets you see how many times transferred files have been downloaded by other users
  • Resend, delete or forward the file transfers
Pros Cons
Control over who can view, edit, or share your transferred files There is no freemium model like other solution providers
Autoexpiring links are secure No password protection protocols
Password-protected transfers Reports of sending large data to the wrong recipients
Intuitive user interface  

Editor Review

If you want to transfer files to multiple people at a time, WeTransfer is a good option. Besides, advanced controls like password protection and auto expiring links make it a good choice for business use and sharing sensitive data. However, if you are looking for a personal file-sharing website, WeTransfer might not be for you.

Media Fire

Last but not least, MediaFire is also trustable third-party cloud storage that can be used for file sharing with different people using other devices. The free tool makes it possible to access your data anytime, anywhere.

The main features of MediaFire are as follows:

  • Easily store, edit, and sort your data for free
  • Unlimited bandwidth and downloads with any subscription
  • You can collaborate with other people, from your colleagues to clients
  • Batch uploading and sharing of files are available.
  • A one-time link maintains the privacy of your data
Pros Cons
A free-to-use tool with unlimited downloads and usage The desktop sync client is not as effective
One-time link limits file sharing with unauthorized people The free version has too many ads
Affordable pricing No file encryption or versioning
Easy to share files of any size  

Editor Review

It is the best choice if you want an inexpensive solution as an independent professional who has to collaborate and share files very often. However, if you are looking for more than file sharing, it might not be an effective solution.


We have shared different tools that can be capitalized on to transfer files remotely from one device to another. You can also share files via email using the tools mentioned. However, Collabow is the best among all due to easy to use interface, free starter profile additional features.

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