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Top Features of a modern cloud-based file management system

Do you want to familiarise yourself with the essential tools and features that should be included in a cloud storage file management system? If so, read on.

Access Anywhere & Direct Downloads

No matter what device you are using or where you are on the planet, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can upload files directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even smartwatch—keeping you connected while working in remote spaces and while you are on the move is a top benefit of cloud-based storage systems.

Version Control

This feature gives you control over the lifespan of your files; it allows you to see who has made changes and when those changes were made, allowing you to fix mistakes by viewing previous versions of files before errors were made. The ability to rewind and forward changes is essential for any document management system.

Verification and Validation

With the rise of bots and impersonators, data verification and validation are becoming even more critical for file sharers. Verifying an email address gives sharers the confidence that the files they received originated from the person they expected and is authentic.

Drag & drop friendly

Sharing a file online should be intuitive, seamless and straightforward.
You shouldn’t need to rummage around for files sitting in nested folders or execute 100 clicks to simply share a file. Collabow makes file sharing easy, all you have to do is drag and drop your files into our file uploader, and we’ll send your sharer an email or create a shareable URL instantly. No stress, no hassle.

Search, Sort and Filter

Some file transfer systems only provide a simple no-frills sharing mechanism. After a short period, the actual file is deleted, and the content is lost forever. The ability to extend the storage window so that the receivers can have extra time to download the file can be the difference between success and failure.  

Password Protected Files

At Collabow, security is of the utmost importance. All registered users can protect their files with a unique password, ensuring that the right people can only access the content. You can set a password on each file in the workspace within a couple of clicks, so it is easy to secure your content with a minimal amount of effort.

Good transfer speeds and bandwidth

Traditional file management systems introduce restrictive file upload and download speeds. does not limit the speed of our Pro or Business users, and we offer incredible transfer speeds for our free users that greatly exceed 1MB per second.

Alerts and Activity log

Information needs to be accurate and timely to make the right decision. We experience hundreds of distractions every day. However, the most critical alerts are usually drowned out by noise. A great file management system should notify you of significant changes to the files you created or followed. These changes are called events and usually include newly added files, changes, shares, access and deletions, mentions in a chat or when you are assigned a new task. provides a handy alerts dashboard notification panel and sends email notifications in real-time.

Multiple Uploads

This is important for people who work with multiple files at any point in time. Rather than uploading one file at a time, it is helpful to have the ability to upload up to 100 files at the same time or upload a folder that contains multiple files. This feature can save people hundreds of hours and make working with cloud storage systems more user-friendly and convenient.


Chat conversations are helpful for collaboration. However, content-based discussions are the most effective solution to boost productivity and get work done. Collabow facilitates discussions that are focused on content rather than channels allowing teams to have a laser focus on a task, objective, goal, design, presentation, video or moving a document from draft to a final version.

Recycle bin

The Recycle Bin is essentially a ‘last chance’ area to recover files you or someone in your team has deleted. Imagine working throughout the night on a business proposal then accidentally hitting the delete button before sharing the file with your business partner. The Recycle Bin requires a confirmation step before the files are finally removed from the system to prevent the accidental deletion of critical data. It is hard to believe that many modern-day cloud storage systems don’t have this vital feature. This functionality is enabled by default for Collabow ‘Pro’ and ‘Business’ users, providing peace of mind and ensuring that data is safe even in an accident. is a Digital Workspace that provides cloud storage, document management, collaboration and task management tools that help teams create, organise, share, and monitor online content in one place. 
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